Saturday, 16 August 2008

A night to remember

Here they come...leading the parade!

No one could have been more proud than the St Saviour team, cheering and applauding in the exhibitors' stand as the mighty St Saviour float, "Curtain Call", led the parade of floats on to the arena for the Moonlight Parade.

It was a great thrill and one that we felt privileged to be part of. The evening parade is a time for everyone to enjoy and celebrate their achievements as part of this tremendous community event...and we certainly did!
Photos: Peter Hanning


The Moving Finger said...

Disgusted that the electorate of St Saviour have once again been denied
an election.

You say this blog is for political debate, don't see any!

Will enjoy continuing to pay GST on my food thanks to you.

Peter Hanning said...

Dear Mr Le Sueur,
You are sadly mistaken if you think for one moment that the electorate of St Saviour were denied an election. There was an election and it was held on Wednesday, 17th September at 7.30 pm. Were you there? I was nominated by ten parishioners and, unlike you, gave my full name and details. Neither I nor my supporters had taken anything for granted and I was ready for a contested election with a team standing by ready to help me. Despite the constant publicity on the Constables’ elections over the past month, no one chose to stand against me and I would have to say that a decision supported by all my parish with no dissenters prepared to stand up and be counted must be a stronger mandate than the result of a hotly contested election where one candidate wins by a narrow majority.
On the question of political debate on this blog, I thank you for taking the time to make your comment and I am happy to reply to it.
I need comments to be left for a debate to take place, otherwise it is like one hand clapping and I see no need to rant alone.
On the subject of GST, I refer you to my answer to you on the same subject on 28th June 2008.

The Moving Finger said...

Constable Hanning, while I may disagree with your stance on GST, I must thank you for replying.
Many of your fellow members of the States would not have.