Saturday, 28 June 2008

Jack Le Sueur

It was with sorrow that we heard of the death of Jack Le Sueur, on Wednesday, 25th June. He was a great cattle man and one who will be sadly missed and never replaced. This year, 2008, had, however, in many ways been a good year for Jack and Eileen, beginning in January when, on the 19th, they celebrated their Diamond Wedding anniversary with their family. We were able to celebrate with them at the annual St Saviour Christmas lunch, which is always held in January, and they were later entertained to tea at Government House by the Lieut-Governor Lieutenant General Andrew Ridgway and Mrs Ridgway. During the recent visit of the Jersey World Cattle Bureau for their conference, Jack was brought to the Country Life museum at Hamptonne by his daughter, Sadie Rennard, and greeted many old friends among the visiting cattlemen and women in the museum’s kitchen, and many of them were lost in wonder at the many trips across the Atlantic that were made by prize Jersey cattle with Jack in charge during those long journeys of yesteryear.

Jack was born in St Saviour, in the very farm to which he brought Eileen as a new bride and where he found his final rest. Eileen came from the west (the Far West) but they made their home together in St Saviour and what they have done for us in the parish and in our community over the years has brought fun, pleasure and enjoyment to many people. We can all be thankful that Jack was able to see out his final days in his own home at Clairval Farm and I am sure there are many who, like me, are proud to call him a St Saviour parishioner.

Battle for the crown

The Miss Battle of Flowers Competition 2008, held at the Pomme d'Or on Saturday, 14th June, was a riveting evening with 13 attractive young women competing for the prestigious title. Miss Battle of Flowers 2008 is Holly Fraser, and we wish her every success in her reign. There was a good representation from the Parish of St Saviour, both in numbers with some strong support for our two contestants and with former Miss St Saviour and the reigning Miss Battle of Flowers, Vicky Trehorel, handing over her tiara and placing the sash over Holly's shoulders. Vicky has been a great ambassador for our Island and for our parish and her final speech was a fine example of the charm and intelligence with which this young woman has carried out her duties.

Tea for Two...hundred (well, nearly)

We were blessed with a fine evening for Senior Citizens' Garden Party held in the grounds of Government House by kind permission of His Excellency the Lieutenant-Governor Lieutenant-General Andrew Ridgway, on Saturday, 14th June. Tea was provided by Modern Hotels and music by the indefatigable Steve Roxton and his trusty accordion. The Governor joined us and achieved some nifty table-hopping to get round everyone, while Mrs Ridgway had to admit defeat and remove the couple's latest acquisition, a Pomeranian pup called Willoughby from the scene. Pomeranians, according to the breed standard, exhibit "great intelligence in expression; activity and buoyancy in deportment" and their temperament is "extrovert, lively and intelligent". Young Willoughby is certainly all of those things and he is fast becoming a great favourite around the parish. Elaine and I enjoyed an excellent tea with the Senior Citizens and it was lovely to see that so many had dressed for the occasion in true garden party style.

"Un long-weekend" in Villedieu-les-Poêles

It may have been only a weekend in length, but our recent visit to our twin town of Villedieu-les-Poêles was packed with events. Our little party from St Saviour could not have been better looked after. We had been invited by the Maire, M. Daniel Macé and their Twinning Committee to join them in celebration on Sunday, 8th June, of the Grande Sacre, a joyous mix of tradition, religion and fête day, the Grand Sacre is a major event in Villedieu-les-Poêles. Every four years, the Sourdins, as the inhabitants of the town are called (due to the deafness caused in olden times by the constant hammering on metal by these bell and pot makers), recognise the part played in the foundation of the town by the Knights of the Order of Malta (Chevaliers de l'Ordre de Malte), the Roman Catholic descendants of the Knights of the Order of St John. King Henry 1 of England, Duke of Normandy, donated the land to the Knights and they created this "Town of God". From 5.30 am, townspeople were awake, putting the finishing touches on their work. The streets were decorated with flowers and the day included Mass in the local park, a jolly good lunch, and an afternoon procession around the decorated streets of the town. It was an amazing and moving spectacle and we were delighted to have been invited to join in a very special day in Villedieu-les-Poêles.
Photos: Peter Hanning
More info on Villedieu and Le Grand Sacre:

Grand school at Grands Vaux

I have to admit that it was a bit of a surprise to be invited to speak to Year 5 at Grands Vaux school on the subject of political rhetoric, the persuasive speech of politicians and campaigners, and even more of a surprise to find that the children had been taking a real interest in the subject. They had visited the States Chamber, they took my short talk very seriously and I believe that they will be going on to look at persuasive speech in advertising, much of which is directed at children. This is a meaty subject for young people and I was very impressed by the sensible questions and obvious thought that had gone into the lesson. I do congratulate everyone concerned