Thursday, 9 August 2007

Congratulations to the team...

Well done, St Saviour! Winner of the Best Set Design-Floral in the Battle of Flowers today. Work finished around 2.30am this morning with the final work of putting on the top of the cathedral and the bells to be done when the float arrived on site.
It was a huge effort for all those involved and we are lost in admiration for the work put in by the St Saviour Battle of Flowers Association who have been working on the float and fund-raising all year.
This is a wonderful community effort with parishioners from little ones of four and five to teenagers as well as older ones ... the oldest in her eighties!
If you didn't take part this year, then we thoroughly recommend joining in next year. We took part as lowly flower decapitators and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, met up with old friends and made new ones.

Tuesday, 7 August 2007

Flower power

The flower heads are beginning to cover the Parish float and the St Saviour Junior entry as the pace hots up. If you have time to help, do come and do so; if you don't, at least pop by and see what your Parish is doing and encourage the workers. There is such a happy atmosphere and the hard work is relieved by rgular breaks for tea and coffee, and the early evening barbecue to feed the hungry. The music that's been chosen is perfect for the theme built around the Cathedral of Notre Dame de Paris and there was many a helper muttering "The bells! The bells" as they cut and stuck flower heads.

Friday, 3 August 2007

The flowers arrive...

It was organised chaos at the Parish Depot last night with the arrival of fresh flowers in gorgeous profusion. All hands were needed and there was a wonderful turnout...the best ever, according to Anne Quenault. I counted more than 80 people at one point. Outstanding were the young people, from teenagers to little ones of only five or thereabouts. They ran and fetched and carried and gofor-ed and were a real help to the grown-ups. It was a wonderful scene of adults and children working together to reach a target. The result was that we were finished by 8 pm with all the flowers stripped of their stem leaves, ends clipped, and stored in buckets of water to finish opening over the weekend.
Flower-head cutting and sticking begins on Monday, 6th August at 10 am, working through to the evening. Be there. You'll work hard and enjoy yourself.

Wednesday, 1 August 2007

de seeds is many...

Our first visit to the Parish Depot to help with the St Saviour float for the Battle of Flowers, where we were promptly put to deseeding hares' tails. What fantastic work has been done already! Volunteers have been busy since April with completing the eraly stages ready for the flowers to arrive tomorrow. Then it's all hands to the why not come and join us. It's great fun and the more people who take part, the more the work can be shared. That's 6.30pm onwards in the Parish Depot at Rue des Pres Trading Estate...just follow the signs.