Tuesday, 31 July 2007

No flower power at the Depot

It seems that the flowers for the float have not arrived yet, but the Open Day will go ahead tomorrow (Wednesday, 1st August); it will be a great chance for people like me to go along and see if I can do anything to help. Why not join in? I am sure there will be plenty for everyone to do in the run-up to Battle of Flowers day.

Monday, 30 July 2007

All quiet at the Depot

Went down to the Parish Depot, promptly at 6.30pm to find the doors firmly locked and no one there. We'll try again on Wednesday, which is the Open Day, when we expect to find a hive of activity. Instead of helping on the Parish float, we took a drive out to St Catherine and admired the two teepees at the bottom of St Catherine's Hill before continuing down to St Catherine's Breakwater to get a very clear view of the French wind farm across the water.

Getting to know you...

After all the excitement of preparing for a contested election that didn't happen, this is now a quiet time that I certainly wasn't expecting. However, it gives me a few weeks to really get to talk to people and find out what the issues are while there are no States sittings.
With the Battle of Flowers getting ever closer, our amazing parish team are busy building the St Saviour float. If you want to get more involved in the Parish, what about coming down and helping? Wednesday, 1 August, from 6.30pm, there is an Open Evening at the Parish Depot in Rue des Pres.