Monday, 8 December 2008

St Saviour on Parade

It was with great pride, and a good deal of hopping up and down and waving, that Elaine and I saw the two St Saviour's floats lead the Christmas Parade along the Esplanade with Roger Quenault making a particularly magnificent bearded gnome on his equally magnificent tractor...but whether our float was chosen because of the magnificence of Roger or his tractor, we'll never know! We were amazed by the transformation of the Battle of Flowers' Junior float Punch and Judy beach scene into Santa's Grotto, with Santa himself throwing sweets to the children and a host of attendant elves, including Ann Quenault.
It was then that, with some awe, we watched the Parish float, Curtain Call, worthy winner of the Prix d'Excellence, reach new heights in its presentation after many hours of hard work by the St Saviour's Battle of Flowers committee and members. We were so proud of our parish and the community spirit that went into this really amazing spectacle. The lights and the dark skies suited the theme and it really did seem to "float" as it passed by as if carried on a pool of green light. Our dancers and lady attendants gave a wonderful performance while handing out sweeties to the youngsters...and a few oldsters like us as well.

Miss St Saviour looked stunning in her place of honour on the float.